Silk Dust: Emilia Vittorini’s 3rd – Multi system Adventure game released by Davide Bucci (Amiga,MS-DOS,C64,ZX Spectrum…)

Something slightly different for today’s retro heads up, as we’ve just been contacted through Twitter, that as from today, you can download the latest multi-system release of Silk Dust: Emilia Vittorini’s 3rd; a brand new text adventure game that has come out of a long tested beta, on eighteen different machines, such as the C64, VIC20+32K, C128, Plus/4, Amiga, CPC6128, MSX, ZX Spectrum 48K and MS-DOS…. All developed by Davide Bucci and downloadable via

Silk Dust is a text adventure game that you can play on your vintage computers. A text adventure is a game where all the interaction takes places with text and you instruct your alter ego by typing commands at a prompt such as GO NORTH, EAST and PICK UP ITEM. Please note, the game is divided in four parts, and when any part is completed you’ll get a code that you should save, so you can resume the game at that point in any future playthrough.

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