Project Quest – Chapter 1 – An 8-way scrolling top down fantasy shooter requiring requiring an ECS or AGA Amiga

For some months now we’ve been featuring Electric Black Sheep’s upcoming Amiga game of ‘Project Horizon’; a game inspired by basic shooting elements such as Commando, with a mix of Chaos Engine and a dab of Alien Breed. Well if you’re still waiting for that game and want something to play during the mean time, you can check out Electric Black Sheep’s latest fantasy game of Project – Quest : Chapter 1; an 8-way scrolling top down fantasy shooter game for the Commodore AMIGA which is using the Project Horizon engine.

As noted by the description : Not only does the download contain the first chapter as the first level of Project Quest, which if people enjoy will be developed further. But a map-editor will be available with Project Horizon giving you the opportunity to create new maps for the game, which uses standard  ABK (gfx or sound bank) used in AMOS and the ability to add new graphics, to create a whole new shooter game if you wish. System  requirements: – HDD – ECS or AGA  – 2.0Mb chipRam (at least 1.5 free)

Links :1) Source  2) Discussion


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