Follix and ArtPazz – Double the fun for Amiga AGA computers from RETREAM

While I’m not a fan of Puzzle games, I prefer a good Adventure or an RPG, we have recently been contacted through Facebook, that not only has RETREAM released an update to the Art based Puzzler called ArtPazz, but as of this Sunday the same developer will also be releasing their work in progress Amiga game of Follix; a puzzle game heavily inspired by Atomix, which challenges the player to build a piece of a message by sliding the tiles that contain the relevant text characters in the right places.

So if yes if you love Puzzle games whereby you need move tiles around either by completing a famous piece of artwork which can be very difficult depending on the tile size, or moving text based tiles to build a piece of a message then you can do wrong with these two new Amiga games. But as for me even if they look nice and challenging, I just can’t stand games of this type of genre. So head on over to the links below, check them out and let us know what you think.

Links :1) ArtPazz (VIDEO) 2) Follix 


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